Got a new business and you want to get it the exposure it needs? We know the term ‘Online marketing’ is not new to anyone, but if you’re just starting a new business will you know what to do? What to start with? Who to hire? We also get many questions that led us to understanding that when beginning a new business many get confused, so, let us tell you some facts we about online marketing.

Beginning a new business is very exciting. We’re sure that whatever business niche it is, you are the BEST in it, and have a lot of experience.

We also understand that most people would not even know where to begin with marketing their business since this is not their expertise, SO, here are some ground rules of how to choose your tactics and how to get started:

Online marketing is any tool, step taken, method or strategy that is used for publicizing a company’s name. The form of publicity or advertisement may come from different angles; some strategies used for online marketing may not be clear-cut advertisement as it can sometimes be subtle messages like social media posts and etc.

The summary of the definition is that online marketing is any effort taken to spread what your company does and what it is all about through the internet.

Basically, anything you do online to get people’s eye on your business is good but you need to segment your desired audience and target location etc. Cause otherwise, you’ll be getting a LOT of irrelevant traffic which will not benefit your business at all. So here’s the first steps needs to be taken before even getting to conclusions on how to market your business:

#A key to a good marketing strategy is to keep remembering this: whatever it is that you are advertising, it is a solution for a problem someone has- whatever it is, you need to lay it out loud and clear: what is the problem, and how does your service / product can solve this. Once we’ve established this, it will be much easier to know your targeted audience and their needs, and therefore, how to approach them.

#It is highly important to be persistent and keep the content’s quality high.

There are basically 5 main categories for online marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking your websites or page organically by creating great content, links and etc.
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC). Managing a paid account with Google / Bing / Yahoo / Facebook etc. It is crucial that whomever is managing your account will be very professional and know how to run a thorough keyword research, create the right segments, location target, build great, eye-catching and converting ads and etc.
  3. Content marketing – This method is highly important and could be used for a lot of the options: local marketing, social media and website content for SEO needs. Using valuable and top-notch media content to lure people to engage with your business is very important for your business online presence.
  4. Social media marketing (SMM)- Could be content marketing and page / fan page management or getting paid traffic on various social media platforms.
  5. Email marketing; Once you have accumulated a nice email list of your clients (or potential clients- which you can get by running a PPC campaign), you can then use it to send weekly / daily email blasts, offering exclusive deals and what not!

Now you can see how online marketing has a large scale of options and think clearly about which option/s is the right one for your business, and that’s a great start!

Each category is unique and can benefit your business in its way, Call us or leave your info to schedule a free consultation– No obligation at all so you can be sure you choose the right path to go!

Feel free to ask anything! We promise to answer in a timely manner.