Quiz yourself- How’s your business doing online?

Are you satisfied with your online presence?

A) I don’t have an online presence.

B) It is too limited, I don’t know how I can increase it.

C) It is growing, slowly but safe.

D) Yes, everywhere you’d search, my business will appear.

How’s your ROI performances?

A) What is ROI?

B) I’m not sure, I’ve never measured my ROI.

C) Could be better.

D) Yes, I am very pleased with my ROI.

Does your website generate traffic?

A) I don’t have a website. Who needs it anyways?

B) I just launched my website, we’ll see.

C) It does, but not as much as I expected it to generate by now.

D) Yes, I get a lot of traffic!

Are you able to drive quality traffic?

A) What is the difference between quality and non-quality traffic?

B) I’ll take all the traffic I can get.

C) I am, but I don’t really get a lot.

D) I am able and actually getting more than enough.

Does your website calls-to-action?

A) What is call-to-action?

B) I think it does, but it still feels like something is missing.

C) It does, but I’m still A/B testing.

D) It does, it couldn’t have worked any better.

How well is your Facebook page doing?

A) I don’t need a Facebook page.

B) I don’t have a Facebook page yet, I want to create one.

C) I’ve created my page a while ago, not sure how it performs.

D) My page is promoted and generating the best traffic for my business!

Overall, would you rate your business as successful?

A) Define successful

B) It has its ups and downs.

C) Starting to see a small growth, would love to make it better.

D) Very! My business is thriving.

Your results:

If most of your answers were A:

You are in desperate need of help, The good news are: in these cases, where nothing has been done or measured, the positive change can be drastic and you can get much more relevant traffic and even a positive ROI with your initial investment.

If most of your answers are B:

You definitely need to consider contacting online marketing expert. You’ll be surprised how cost-effective it is when you’re focusing on the right things and actually targeting your audience to reach your potential customers.

If you answered mostly C:

It is safe to say you know what you’re goals are and even know a little bit about online marketing. It would be very interesting to see how much better you can get with professional advice.

If most of your answers were D:

Congratulations! Your business is clearly thriving.

If you ever feel like getting even more out of your online efforts, you can always consult with an expert.

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